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Work is Worship Essay

Work is Worship Essay for Students

Work is worship as the famous saying that means work is worship in the literal sense. Work is the worship for the individual because without work he can’t survive in this world.

It’s work that adds meaning to your life and adds a new face to your existence. This worship or life meaning transition is a very important and necessary process in every individual’s life.

The famous Proverbs says “To whomsoever you give heed, he will be blessed. Whomsoever you watch, he will serve. He will give service and obey the commandments.”

Those three words of Proverbs actually mean what it says. They give deep roots and meaning to worship. When we worship we show gratitude to God Almighty and start a process of service to others.

Worship is not only done once a week, every year, but it should be done constantly. Worship is not only when you go to church, but you also must be open to god.

Everyday one-third of your day must be spent on worship. Every person who is interested in God must take one-third of his day in a humble posture before the Lord and worship him. In this way he shows respect and dedication to him.

This is a very important tip. Most of the people today are lazy and they don’t want to work to do what is right. That’s why you see them with their pants down.

They will never reach the level of having an unreached goal. Because of laziness and failures they will never reach anything.

If you will look at the example of the prodigal son, you will understand that the time of worship that he performed was because he felt ashamed that he had been abandoned by his father.

He came back to find his stepfather dead. But after he left, he kept searching for the lost sheep. That’s how we can use this famous Biblical proverb, “Worship the Lord in quietness and in joy”.

Jesus said, when you come to me you will find no work, for what you ask is not easy to do. But God said to me, that whatever you ask is harder to do than to receive.

Worship is hard to perform without work. Worship is something that makes you want to move towards something. It doesn’t matter how lazy we are, we will still want to worship God if we haven’t found any work yet.

The third most famous Greek proverb says it all. The Word of a wise man covers all needs and satisfies no want. So, it proves that worshipping God is the best way to satisfy our needs and wants. If there is nothing more to teach us, than this Greek proverb.

In conclusion, let’s see what God has in store for us, for the lost and for the righteous. Worship the Lord without work and you will never be a lazy man without work. Worship God in spirit and you will never be a lazy man without spirit.

Nowadays lazy people think that if they don’t accomplish anything, then their life is hell. This article tries to solve this eternal problem by showing you the benefits of working hard and by giving you the wisdom to achieve success without having to worry about doing anything.

If you are one of those lazy people who think that the world would be better off without work, then read this article. You will learn how to achieve success and happiness without doing any work.

The benefits of worshiping God cannot be measured in words. For example, what would happiness be without work? What would life be like without education?

Life would be just an endless journey with no end. Here, the benefits of worshiping God are measured in physical and spiritual terms because without hard work nothing can be achieved.

This is what the famous Greek proverb says: “asks too much, gets less.” It means that if we ask too much, we might get less but if we ask too little, we might not get anything at all.

It makes us aware of the fact that if we do something, we must work hard in order to achieve it. It also shows that if we work hard, then we will receive benefits that we never thought would come into our life.

Therefore, the famous proverb is worshiped not only by lazy people but also by those who are industrious.

It shows that work is something which is to be done in order to receive benefits and which is to be done in order to enjoy life. Everything depends on how we are going to use our hard work. We are going to meet our goals and enjoy life, only if we work hard.

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