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There are many people who doesn’t know the uses and abuses of mobile phone so i came up with this topic to spread awareness about this topic.

Most of us are aware that there are various Advantages of Using Mobile Phones over the Desktop Computer.

We also know that most of the Advantages of Mobile Phones outweigh the Disadvantages of Mobile Phone, but what do we really know about the Disadvantages of Mobile Phone? How much are we aware that disadvantages we encounter with the use of mobile phones are disadvantages we should embrace instead?

We are all aware of the disadvantages that we have to face while using mobile phones like busy signals, poor reception, unstable frequencies, etc. But do we know about the other disadvantages that we have to face?

Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

Below you’ll find the uses and abuses essay that you can use to complete your assignments so, let’s get start with our essay on uses and abuses on mobile phone.

I. Phone Health Issues:

The Use of a Mobile Phone puts our own life in danger as well as the lives of our near and dear ones at hand. In the past, the mobile phone manufacturers and service providers did not give much importance to the health of their customers.

It is not surprising to know that the medical community is reacting strongly against the excessive use of mobile phones by individuals as it has come out to be a cause for several health issues in the long run.

Some of the health issues that can be directly attributed to the excessive use of smartphone technology are cancer, stroke, hearing loss, eye problems, car accidents, and even stress related issues. The best way to protect yourself from these health issues is to stay away from the cellphone.

II. Business Via Mobile Phone:

The use of a smartphone for business purposes is a smart means to make money in today’s market. This is because users can make money without owning a physical office or hiring additional staff to do the job for them.

All that you need is a Mobile Phone and internet connection and your business is ready to go. Users can get their work done through their smartphones, access to the company’s corporate intranet, transfer files and information, collaborate with colleagues and others, etc.

III. Addicted to their Phones:

Almost every person in the world is addicted to using their smartphone to check on their emails, send and receive messages, play online games, listen to music, etc. And if they are not addicted, they are just very comfortable with their mobile phones. Users just need to have enough memory space to store the various applications and they are good to go.

IV. Battery Power: One of the disadvantages of using mobile phones first and foremost is its battery power. Most of the time, the users can not enjoy their calls and messages, talk for a long period of time before the battery runs out of power.

This can also be one of the reasons why people tend to ignore their calls even when they really want to talk. They just end up removing the handset from their ears and ignoring the call completely.

V. No Social Networking:

This is the biggest disadvantage of using mobile phones. There are various types of social networking apps available on the different types of mobile phones that can make your stay in touch with your loved ones, colleagues, friends and relatives so much easier.

You can also use these applications to stay updated with your latest family members, pictures and videos. And you can also keep in touch with your friends via text messages. But this can hardly be compared to talking on the phone for hours together.

VI. Abuses and Usage Restrictions

There are certain limits on the usage of mobile phones by people used to make money for their services. For example, a person who wants to download several games and use various types of apps may not be able to do so if he is using a prepaid mobile phone card.

Such people mostly end up wasting their prepaid minutes, which can also lead to accumulation of debt. In addition to this, the mobile service providers often restrict the people from buying mobile accessories such as chargers and data cards. Moreover, some service providers may block the use of handsets of the same network provider to avoid competition in the market.

VII. Abuses and Userests of Mobile Phones

Some other disadvantages are the frequent accidental falls that may occur in public places and other hazards that can be caused due to prolonged exposure to mobile phones and wireless devices.

In fact, studies have revealed various health issues related to cell phone use. For example, a person who is using a mobile phone while driving will surely have his/her phone damaged due to radiation emitted by the mobile phone.

Accidents relating to mobile phone overheating, brain damage, deafness and cancer are some of the most common health issues caused by the misuse of mobile devices. Thus, it clearly states that the disadvantages of cell phones have immense advantages that should not be ignored by every person using them.

I hope you get my points of uses and abuses of mobile phone essay and if you had any doubts or if I missed something then do lemme know in the comment section. Would love to read your suggestions.

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