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Unity is Strength Essay

Unity is Strength Essay in English for Students

Unity is what makes a family stay together or a group of friends stick together. Even the strongest of nations were prone to fracture due to internal dissension and struggles for power and control. Unity is the number one factor that determines the longevity of any government and its popularity.

Ever since the introduction of the constitution amendment process, unity has been a strength. No independent India was able to stand a chance against the British before they got united. Indeed, unity is strength itself.

Since then many other countries and organizations have picked up the proverb and have adopted it as their own wisdom. The United States of America especially has adopted this famous quote and made it an integral part of their culture.

The famous line says, “If you want to stay united, keep the unity between yourself and your friends.” In fact, it has been made even more popular by quoting yet another famous American saying; “If you want to stay divided, keep the unity between yourself and your enemies.”

This famous quote is taken from the book of Song of Solomon in the Bible. It is interesting to note that unity among nations has never been a problem for the Almighty as long as people follow His path.

Apparently, if we follow his path through, all the nations of the world will be united. Thus, unity is strength and these beautiful things are a sign of peace.

Unity is strength and if we are to live in peace we should follow this path. We can make a choice to be one nation or many nations.

Each choice has its own benefits and dangers. We can choose to be unified in our thoughts and beliefs or to be diverse but remain united in action. It is in this way that unity is strength and we should take every opportunity to work it out so that we can live together in peace.

If we want to be strong in this world and if we want to make the best of life and if we want to live in peace, we must not allow hate to rule our actions.

Those who promote hate and violence will not prosper in this world. We must promote unity in our actions. Thus, the famous quote; “Unity is strength and peace lies in harmony.”

This is a very wise and powerful quote. No matter which path you choose, whether you choose to walk in unity or in separation, you will always end up with peace. This quote teaches us that there are 5 different paths to peace, but one destination.

Therefore, if we stick to this one common path towards success and towards peace we will be blessed. Unity is strength and peace lies in harmony.

As long as you remain in harmony, you will never feel alone, no matter what. However, if you go one direction while your brothers and sisters go to another, you will remain alone and that is no success.

Those who stick to the old ways and those who act in desperation will find themselves in the middle of a river without a paddle. So, it is wise to stay united and make a decision together, for the sake of the family and for the sake of the nation.

You must also know that staying united is the key to success, just as you make a decision together. Those who have chosen to go their separate ways are people who are afraid of success. They think that by going their separate ways they can somehow beat the world.

The truth is that no one can outrun the world. We are all one world and if we remain united the world will recognize that fact and we can come together and make history.

If we are all united then we can face the world with confidence and not worry about being looked down upon. It is amazing how many people have come to see the world through the wrong end of a telescope.

When we examine the success that is found in nations that have unity, those are societies that are peaceful, they have great wealth because those people are unified. It makes things quite clear when we look at 10 lines on unity is strength.

When we examine what is needed to build a peaceful and prosperous society, we find that 10 lines of unity is strength.

Unity is the first building block for success and peace. As a society gets closer to the goals of becoming a more perfect union, we will soon find that unity makes things much easier. 10 lines of unity is strength indeed.

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