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Teachers’ Day has been celebrated/ commemorated by millions of people every year worldwide. Teachers Day traced its origins to 1875 when the British Parliament established the Educational Institute of New England as a kind of national humiliation day to be awarded for the efforts and services rendered by teachers to the public.

Aided by this initiative, the National Board of Education (NEB) was established. At that time, the NEB and other teachers’ organizations around the world were formed with the express purpose of promoting education worldwide.

Today, Teachers Day is internationally focused on the profession of teaching, with the growing demands of quality education amongst people from different walks of life.

Teachers Day was also decided as a fitting tribute to the foresight shown by the forefathers of the Indian Constitution. They recognized the fundamental right of every citizen of India to teach and seek a profession in any field of expertise.

On this Day, every year, students from all over India celebrate Teachers Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. On this Day, every state in India honors its Teachers and encourages the profession of teaching. Teachers are honored on this auspicious occasion. The tradition of Teachers Day was started by Dr. Gandhi, the great leader of the Indian independence movement.

Essay on Teachers Day 2021

Dr. Gandhi first proposed Teachers Day in India to spread education among people. He believed that there should be a day every year to recognize and promote teaching, especially in rural areas.

On this Day, people come out to join the teaching profession and lend their best effort to serve children, rural poor, and backward classes. Dr. Gandhi’s effort and the idea made Teachers Day a global phenomenon.

On the very Day of Teacher’s days (or on the anniversary of his death), every educational institute and other organizations worldwide celebrate Teachers Day with pomp and pageantry.

A broad spectrum of events is organized to celebrate this occasion. Cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Chandigarh, and many other major cities of India also celebrate this event on this special date.

In recent years, Dr. Gandhi’s memorial Statue at Indira Gandhi Museum and Library has been dedicated on this date to honor the late leader.

[su_box title=”Mahatma Gandhiji”]On this occasion, various activities like musical shows, drama acts, and workshops are organized to help us understand the importance of Teachers Day in our midst. These activities help us get closer to Dr. Gandhi and remind us of his message of nonviolence.[/su_box]

During Teachers Day celebrations, there is an attempt by various organizations and communities to bring about a peaceful atmosphere in schools and colleges all over India.

Several organizations like the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Foundation and Peace Foundation of India are involved in this endeavor. It is hoped that by celebrating this special Day with a spirit of love and unity, we can improve the conditions of children and teachers alike.

Through this celebration, we can also allow the teachers to speak out for their cause and demand for better economic conditions for their students. Since education is the key to a better future for everyone, the condition of children must be improved through quality education which is only possible if teachers are given the opportunity to practice their profession.

Why We Celebrate Teachers Day?

The concept of Teachers Day is an attempt to celebrate teachers’ contribution to society and motivate their colleagues to give their best. Today, it has become a global day on this occasion that Dr. King publicly announced that it is his foremost wish that on this Day, all the teachers in the United States of America will work twenty hours to better the education system and the betterment of society as a whole.

Similarly, it is a traditional celebration to honor our educators’ devoted service and efforts, whether domestic or foreign. It is a proud privilege to be an educator in India, and it is our duty to make the education system better in every part of the country.

On the whole, Teachers Day in India is joyously celebrated, and the entire month is marked by several activities, educational programs, theatrical performances, and other related activities.

The biggest festival on this occasion is Pongal, which is conducted in the month of September/October.

On this day, all schools and colleges in India observe a marathon session of music, dance, drama, readings, and other artistic presentations to celebrate the occasion.

[su_note]This is the Day when students visit their Teachers to seek blessings for safe passage into furtherance of their studies.[/su_note]

FAQs on Teachers Day

What was the Origin of Teachers Day?

Teacher’s Day has been celebrated by millions of people all around the world. Teachers Day traced its origin on 1875 When the British Parliament established the Educational Institute of New England as a national humiliation day to be awarded for the efforts and services rendered by teachers to public.

How Students Celebrates Teachers Day?

On this day, every students from India celebrates Teachers Day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Who Started the Teachers Day Tradition in India?

The tradition of Teachers Day was started by Dr. Gandhi, the great leader of the Indian Independence Movement.

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