Space Exploration Essay in English for Students 1 to 10 Class.

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Space Exploration Essay

Space Exploration Essay in English for Students

Space travel has always been a dream for many. The reason being that space presents many challenges. The challenges range from the challenge of how to go to space, the cost of traveling to space, the challenges of getting people safely out into space, and the challenges of actually making it to space in the first place.

Although many people’s dreams have been shattered by failures in the space program, there are still those few brave souls who have gone into space and returned safely.

And as we watch the space shuttle launch these days, we can also see how successful the astronauts are, because we also witness their courage and determination.

Exploring Space

Although the prospect of exploring space may have enticed many people over the years, for the majority of the early 21st Century, space activity was meant to be conducted by international agencies, with the use of existing infrastructure. International collaboration meant that different countries had to work together on a common space project.

This was necessary because space activities were meant to strengthen international relations, because one nation’s loss is oftentimes America’s gain.

It was also necessary because space was meant to bring about international economic development through scientific and technological research.

Space Activity

In more recent times, commercial space activity has become the driving force behind space exploration. Commercial companies are now jostling for space rights.

Some space companies are dedicated to mining for rare metals, while others are focused on developing new ways to deliver cargo to space.

Other companies are focused on using their satellites in search of celestial bodies whose composition offers the potential to produce more energy than that of our planet.

These companies are also jockeying for better control of the space environment, so that valuable resources can be retrieved and used without having to contaminate other space environments or endanger the Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

Space Programs

As space technology develops and becomes increasingly accessible to the general public, we are likely to see a greater variety of space activities.

Initially space programs were primarily designed to simply reach space, however with the help of new technology, the possibilities are endless.

For example, some satellite companies are now creating satellites that are capable of providing broadband Internet services from orbit. Many space programs today also use satellites in search of rare elements that may not be found on earth, such as precious metals or gases.

Although space programs and space exploration represent an important part of human history and will prove to be essential to the next generation, today there is a great deal of interest in space weaponry and space warfare.

Weapon systems based on space technology could very well bring down satellites or destroy space stations. In fact, many fear that such technologies could very soon lead to war.

Solar Cells

Another way in which space-based solar power could be utilized is via solar cells. These cells harness space-based energy to convert it to electricity.

Although this technology has been around for quite some time, it has only become popular recently. New solar cells and improved manufacturing processes allow solar cells to be more efficient and smaller in size.

Also, using smaller space-based solar cells allows them to be placed on even the smallest of satellites.

Because the sun will go on to radiate its power for billions of years, it is important to harness this powerful resource as much as possible.

Today, researchers are trying to shrink solar cells to the point that they can fit into the best space vessels and still generate solar power.

Although space travel is an exciting prospect, using solar cells to power up space habitats and cities presents certain challenges.

Although space travel may very well be possible in the near future, we are not there yet. While this is certainly a long way off, space power is a very real and very important aspect of space exploration. One day space travelers may be able to take a trip to Mars.

The use of solar cells for space power may enable them to not only survive but thrive. Perhaps that day will come before all of us are safely beyond the Earth’s atmosphere!

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