Short Debate on Should students be allowed to carry Mobile Phones with them [AGAINST] in English (150 Words)

The students of this generation want every gadget in their hands. They want to have the latest technology with them, and the first are mobile phones.

Nowadays, these are the most popular things to have. Even students are not able to escape from it.

Earlier, it was used to make and receive calls and send and receive messages, but nowadays students don’t buy mobile phones for these purposes. They buy them to listen songs, to watch movies and videos, to play games etc. which hampers their studies. They listen audio with earphones which can cause a great problem in their ears as well as in their brains.

Every mobile has internet facility nowadays. By spending only few bucks they are able to get a multimedia mobile phone with every feature as well as with touch screen. Internet of the mobiles can be used by the students to gather some information which can help them in their studies, but they use this feature of mobiles to see the web pages which they should not see. They bring mobile phones to schools which is not allowed.

By calling and sending messages and using internet they waste a lot of money and pay the bill by wrong methods or the burden of the bill lies upon the parents. Mobile phones can also cause great damage when used while driving. Sometimes, they misuse the calling feature of the mobiles by making fake calls, which creates a problem in the work of the other people. The students use mobile phones to cheat while exams.

So what to do now? The answer is to stop the students from buying the mobile phones or the parents must not provide it to them. The main motive we have to follow is to save the future of the students going on wrong path.

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