Noise Pollution Essay for Students Class 1 to 10th

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Noise Pollution Essay

Noise Pollution Essay for Students

Noise pollution is a general term that refers to the adverse impact of noise on humans and other living things. Noise pollution is usually defined as constant exposure to extremely high sound levels, which can cause detrimental effects on humans, or other living things.

Constant exposure to over 80 dB can be detrimental to your health. Other types of Noise Pollution include military aircraft, power generation facilities, telecommunications masts, and rail road traffic noise.

Sources of Noise Pollution Essay

There are many sources of Noise Pollution, and although some causes may seem obvious others may not be at first glance. Some noises are harmless to the environment, such as bird songs, but when repeated excessively they can create a problem.

One of the main causes of Noise Pollution is household utilities producing noises that are above the level of human hearing and can cause sleepless nights and aggravate headaches. Many large airports are found to have excessive noise pollution.

The most common type of Noise Pollution is due to excessive noise from the various types of machinery and equipment that produce sound.

The industrial boom of the past few decades has caused a significant increase in the production of machinery in both industrial and commercial businesses.

In many instances this machinery is producing sound above the allowable levels and this creates a nuisance to people who live nearby. For example, factories near highways are often set up in areas where there is excessive noise from the various transportation means used by industry.

Another common source of noise pollution is from construction sites. Workers cannot always hear the approaching chainsaws or skid steers and many times their exposure is cumulative. It is estimated that one in every five workers in the United States is exposed to loud noise pollution.

Most of this exposure occurs through the common hearing loss suffered by many Americans. Unfortunately, the long term adverse effects of excessive noise to the human ears are not always immediately apparent.

Motor vehicle operations such as hauling freight and operating heavy machinery are some of the worst sources of noise pollution. Many major cities around the world have strict noise limitations for trucks and other forms of mass transit vehicles.

These laws are designed to protect the public from the adverse effects of noise exposure. Recently, studies have been made regarding the adverse effects of long-term exposure to high levels of transport noise on the health of individuals living nearby.

These studies have discovered that people living close to motorway ways and railroads have higher incidences of stress, insomnia and depression and are more likely to develop heart disease.

Causes of Noise Pollution Essay

There are several major causes of noise pollution. One of the main causes of this problem is the movement of traffic on roads and highways.

Because of the volume of vehicles that pass through these larger spaces on a daily basis, the surrounding area becomes filled with noise pollution. Another main cause is from the manufacturing of electronic equipment. Although certain materials emit little sound, others produce very high levels of decibels.

Even a slight increase in the level of unwanted noise can severely alter a person’s hearing. Individuals who continuously experience this type of disruption may affect their ability to hear audio at lower volumes.

It has also been found that individuals exposed to high levels of unwanted noise may experience hearing damage to the extent that it may impair them from ever being able to hear the audio in normal levels. Long term exposure may also lead to temporary or permanent deafness.

Because of the serious adverse effects of high levels of noise pollution on human health, many local governments and communities have adopted measures to reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of this silent and unwanted condition.

Conclusion of Noise Pollution Essay

Some cities have created restrictions for buildings in certain areas or banned the use of certain devices such as truck horns. Others have even sought to ban incense burners or incandescent bulbs.

These efforts are designed to create a safer environment for those who wish to enjoy quiet surroundings and avoid being subjected to the negative impact of high levels of noise pollution.

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