Natural Resources Essay for Students of Class 1 to 10

In this article, I am going to share the Natural Resources Essay which is easy to understand and byheart by any class student.

Every student should know the importance of Natural Resources and how we can conserve our natural resources and the proper utilization of resources.

Natural Resources Essay

Natural Resources Essay for Students

What are Natural Resources?

Well, the definition of this phrase may be very long and may also be different depending on your point of view. Natural resources are the stuff that is present everywhere and in every place. 

These resources are the natural accumulation from plants and animals as well as from humans.

Some natural resources cannot be reproduced even within a couple of decades or centuries. These are known as depleted natural resources.

Petroleum, natural minerals, coal, timber, soil, and water take centuries to become completely exhausted. These are known as non-recoverable natural resources. Therefore it is essential to utilize such non-recoverable and renewable resources prudently and wisely.

One of the significant natural resources is forests. Most of the world’s trees are decimated due to overexploitation and illegal logging. At the same time, many tree species are rapidly being lost to charcoal production. 

Moreover, most of the remaining natural resources are located in the tropical and subtropical regions most affected by climatic changes and global warming. 

Extreme weather conditions have led to massive deforestation in many parts of the globe, including the Amazon forest.

Importance of Natural Resources

One of the natural resources that have been increasing in importance since the beginning of industrialization is water. With the population explosion in many countries, water scarcity will soon become a reality. 

Water is used for domestic purposes as well as for agricultural use. Therefore, proper management of this precious natural resource is essential for sustainable development.

Natural resources are renewable sources of energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas. These resources can never be depleted since they are already located all over the world. In fact, these sources are responsible for approximately two-thirds of the Earth’s energy needs.

How do Extractive Industries Help Save Natural Resources?

Through the use of technologies that make use of the Earth’s natural resources more efficiently and effectively. This helps minimize the impact of the users on the environment. 

Moreover, these technologies allow for the better usage and recovery of these resources. For instance, the coal that we use today is a by-product of coal production and oil combustion.

The extraction and use of oil are other natural resources utilized and extracted by extractive industries.

How to Conserve Natural Resources?

First of all, we must realize that natural resources may never be totally destroyed. Man has always taken advantage of nature’s bounty, and advancement in technology has helped us make use of what nature provides freely. 

Second, sustainable development should be promoted so that we can continue to take full advantage of natural resources. 

Third, adherence to the preventive measures and policies regarding the use and extraction of natural resources may help us save them from depletion.

Best Ways of Conserving Natural Resources?

Utilizing energy from renewable sources such as solar power and wind energy and the use of biodegradable materials, efficient use and recovery of these natural resources can greatly contribute to saving our planet earth.

Conservation of fossil fuels can also help lessen the impacts on our environment and lead to more sustainable development.

In preserving natural resources, the focus is on two crucial areas – human health and the natural habitats that provide essential services.

Careful management and evaluation of human health can help prevent or reduce diseases that can threaten the existence of humans and the survival of our species.

Natural habitats can likewise be protected to ensure a continuous flow of food, freshwater, and other living organisms. Maintaining and improving the quality of the soil can also contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity.

Conservation Biology

One of the essential roles of conservation biology is the management of ecosystems. It involves the study and analysis of the interactions between ecosystems and the natural resources they contain. 

Through this method, scientists can detect changes in the ecosystems and their impacts on the different natural resources.

The functions and services of diverse ecosystems can then be well-maintained through the application of conservation biology principles.

Forests are an essential natural resource due to the richness of bio-energy, which is the source of human beings’ daily calories. 

Extensive harvesting of timber, wood, leaf, and plant materials is the leading cause of deforestation. The reduction of forests also affects the availability of other natural resources such as air and water.

Causes of Natural Resources Depletion

Moreover, extensive burning of forested areas for agricultural and other purposes causes emissions of pollutants that contribute to climate change.

Global warming is a significant threat to the existence of many living species. In order to save natural resources, researchers and conservationists are trying to develop ways of protecting them from the grave dangers of depletion. 

Some areas are particularly affected by natural resource depletion; these include the Amazon rainforest, coral reefs, fishing communities, wildlife, and the ozone layer.

Global warming is considered to be the most significant environmental crisis in history. The only way to reverse global warming is by conserving natural resources, especially the Earth’s atmosphere, water, and forests.

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