My Ambition in Life Essay for Students of Class 1 to 10

There are many students in India they didn’t knew their ambition in life due to which some students failed to succeed in their life. That’s why I came up with this essay on my ambition in life.

Essay on My Ambition in Life

my ambition in life essay 100 words

Ambition in life is like a dream to be a soldier. You must train and be trained to be a good soldier. But you should do that only to achieve perfection. For, this is not easy, but to serve the nation and its people in a noble way is ideal. What is a good ambition in life?

Most of us think that it is very easy to aim for success. We do not know that sometimes even to reach the peak needs real hard work. What is meant by ambition in life? When we say hard work, it means to exert more effort and make each effort count.

So, it can be said that ambition in life means you want to become a better person, or set up a business, or do anything which makes your life better and happier. What is meant by ambition in life?

[su_quote]Ambition means you desire something with all your energy.[/su_quote]

Types of Ambition in Life

Ambition can be positive or negative. Positive ambition means you want to be successful in life. Negative ambition means you desire to do bad things in life.

You should think about what you desire to do. If you can’t think of what you desire to do, write down all your aspirations, see what comes to your mind and put it in an essay form.

What is the significance of Hard Work?

Hard work is the cornerstone on which you can achieve something great in life. There are times you cannot help doing things.

But if you have a good ambition and a strong desire to achieve something, then you can do it with hard work and you will be more than glad that you did.

Ambition in life cannot be achieved if you do not have a firm determination. These are some motivational tips.

You should try to be consistent with your ambition. If you have these two qualities, then this will definitely bring out the best from you and the best way to achieve your ambition in life.

You should write down your ambitions and read it everyday. The inspiration for these essays is your daily experiences. If you can relate it to your daily life, then it is good. If you cannot relate it, then you can take out your own thoughts and write these in an aspiration essay for life.

There are so many inspirational books where you can find your own writings about how to achieve your ambition in life. You can find so many books online; search it online and you will be surprised by the good things you can learn from these books.

The most important thing for you to remember is to have the courage to write your own essay. You have to follow your own footsteps.

Examples of Ambition in Life

You will find many examples of ambition essays in books and online. You can copy these from the internet and make it your own. Do not just copy it word for word but you should add your own ideas.

These can help you achieve something in your life. This will provide you a point of reference that you can always refer to when you feel that you are not moving in the right direction.

The most important part of your ambition is to make your mind picture what you want to achieve.

It is very important to be realistic. You should be ambitious because it will give you happiness. Your happiness will always depend on what you have planned in your life.

For you to succeed in your ambition essay, you have to be determined and persistent. In the process of achieving your ambition, you will find that there will be a lot of hard work.

But it will be worth it. Hard work will get you closer to your dreams. You may have to do a lot of it but your life will be more satisfying and fulfilling as you achieve your ambitions in life.


If you want to know more about your life, you can read some of the ambition essay examples given above. You can try writing one of your own.

However, do not just copy them word for word without changing anything in the sentences or even the topics. You should write your own essay. This is one way of achieving your ambition in life.

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