Importance of Wildlife Protection Essay for Students

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Importance of Wildlife Protection

Importance of Wildlife Protection Essay for Students

Wildlife protection is often considered as one of the most important aspects of wildlife conservation. It refers to the act and policy of controlling the numbers of particular species.

This includes making sure that populations are not overpopulated and do not fall below specific tolerable levels.

The focus on this aspect has resulted in the development of various programs and laws to implement strategies and to deal with overpopulation of species.

These are designed to balance the needs of nature and the people who depend on the ecosystems for food, fuel, and other resources.

Why is Wildlife Protection Important?

Forests, grasslands, and other ecosystems are places where different types of animal and plant life co-exist.

These natural habitats provide essential shelter, food, and water for a variety of different species. However, some species can be harmful to the survival of other life. Therefore, the need for effective measures and strategies arises.

How does India’s role in this area differ from that of other countries?

One major factor contributing to the importance of wildlife protection in India is the country’s vast wilderness areas.

There are a large number of such areas in India that constitute a large part of the country’s landscape. They are home to many endemic species of plants and animals, as well as birds and coral reefs. Moreover, India is a major biodiversity hotspot in the world.

However, the conservation of India’s wildlife is largely done by local communities, local government, and by wildlife management organizations and interpreters.

These professionals have developed ways of sharing information on how to conserve the different species and their habitat.

In addition to this, there are also a number of conservation projects that are managed by these professionals. Some of these projects are managed by NGOs and others by governmental organizations.

There are also a number of voluntary organizations that work towards the protection of India’s wildlife and forests.

For instance, Greenpeace and Survival Foundation work for the conservation of tigers and other big cats in India and also work towards protecting the land, sea, and air. In addition to this, they also work towards promoting sustainable development in the areas of forest ecosystems.

On the other hand, the Government of India has also taken certain important steps in the right direction. For instance, the government has been working towards creating national parks and sanctuaries in different parts of the country.

On the other hand, the role of scientists and conservationists is also vital. They have made contributions in the form of effective implementation of programmes for biodiversity conservation in India.

Many organisations and research centres have also made a significant impact in this area. They have been instrumental in protecting many of India’s most popular forests. In fact, in many cases, these organisations have helped to save these forests from being lost to development.

In spite of so much responsibility being assumed by people for the conservation of various natural resources, many people have still shown little interest in conserving them.

In fact, very few people recognise the importance of biodiversity conservation in India. It is due to this, the Government of India has also been working towards creating awareness among the masses on the necessity of conserving natural resources and forestation. These efforts are part of their plan for achieving the goals of economic growth.

Besides being a great source of income for India as well as wildlife reserve regions, protected areas provide a favorable location for various species of animals.

For instance, the Western Ghats of Western India have been designated as a National Park. This area is home to varied flora and fauna of different categories.

In order to protect such areas, various rules and regulations have been formulated by the government including a ban on any kind of human hunting within the area.

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