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Essay on Labour Day


Labour Day is a federal holiday created by the government in compromise with the Labour organizations and the left-wing groups.

Labour Day is a traditional federal holiday in the US celebrated on the 6th of september every year in any year to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions and works of workers to the advancements and progress of the country.

Labour Day was actually named after George Washington, who was the first President of the USA.

The reason behind the name ‘Labour Day’ was a protest against the excessive wages paid to workers by the manufacturing companies.

After the 19th century, the Labour Day legislation was passed to celebrate the importance of Labour in promoting peace and good economic policies in the country. The law further established Labour Day as a special national holiday to celebrate the role of workers in promoting economic growth.

The government and business community have made a lot of efforts to celebrate this day in different ways and manner all over the US.

While many celebrate Labour Day with family and friends, there are others who choose to hire local entertainers or engage professional athletes for parades.

In Cleveland, Ohio, for instance, some local Cleveland Indians players have chosen to pull the team out of Cleveland stadium for a series of baseball games and practices on Labour Day.

The Cleveland Indians were not the only team to do so; several other Major League Baseball teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and San Diego Padres also made the choice to pull out of Cleveland stadium for the entire league schedule for Labour Day.

The Labour Day Holiday in the state of Tennessee has become a unique mix of local, state, and national promotions. The Labour Day holiday has been celebrated since officially designated as the Labour Day in Tennessee on the third Monday of August, but the official celebration of Labour Day is on the third Monday of September.

This is because Tennessee is not one of the states that celebrates a statutory holiday on Labour Day as much as it does the national holiday. Instead, the holiday is designated as mid Labour Day.

Local municipalities around the state like Nashville, Greeneville and Memphis enjoy the holiday with parades.

While several municipalities around the state organize their own parades, others like the ones in Greeneville and Memphis put together coordinated parades with several floats featuring graphics of Labour leaders and union symbols. The york parade was among the largest of its kind ever held in the city.

While large-scale parades are often related to Labour Day festivities, smaller parades can be linked to the theme of the day. In Greeneville, for instance, parades are usually sponsored by the local chamber of commerce.

The parades celebrate worker’s rights and highlight the issues that workers are fighting for, such as better working conditions, better benefits, and more. The workers at the parades are often union members who have joined demonstrations or picket lines in support of the Labour day festivities.

Other local celebrations around the country tend to be more individualistic. One Chicago Labour Day celebration is based on a famous quote from Elbert Hubbard, who is an unemployed electric worker. Hubbard said,””Let the workers vote and have a strike!” A few days later, hundreds of striking electrical workers went on strike at the Power Plus plant in Chicago.

Chicago’s Labour Day celebration tends to be on a bigger scale than other cities’ Labour Day celebrations, mostly because of the size of the city. However, other localities celebrate it on a much smaller scale.

One notable exception to this is the state of Wisconsin, which has a Labour Day celebration every Tuesday. Even there, however, it’s hard for some cities to find a parking space at the popular Wisconsin Dells park.

Some see Labour day as a chance for the United States to stand up for itself. For many people around the country, however, it’s mostly just a chance to go out and enjoy the sun and watch the fireworks.

On this year’s Labour Day, Chicago saw a huge display of fireworks, including a 7-ship cruise ship that came within 100 miles of shore and dropped fireworks into the water for no apparent reason. The cruise ship was closed to passengers and is now being towed back to port. No one was hurt by the explosions.

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