Essay on Kindness in English for Students of Class 1 to 10

In this article you’ll get the Essay on Kindness in English which is easy to understand and byheart for student of any class.

Whether you’re age is above 20 or 40 you should maintain the decorum or etiquette while communicating with others at that time kindness is the crucial feeling that you’ve to express.

So, I came up with this Short Essay on kindness so that you’ll get to know the importance and why you need to be kind to any person.

Essay on Kindness

short essay on kindness

Showing kindness is the most important trait to cultivate in our society. Scientific studies have proven that kindness leads to happiness and positive affect.

It encourages kindness and makes us happier, healthier and more productive people around us. The benefits of kindness extend far beyond our personal relationships; it encourages a better work atmosphere, promotes better work ethics and promotes generosity.

What is Kindness?

Is kindness only about being kind? Are there other personality strengths associated with kindness? There are two major benefits of kindness: it makes us a better person, and it benefits us physically and emotionally. Let’s explore the other features of kindness.

Types of Kindness

There are two kinds of kindness: genuine and self-centred. Genuine kindnesses make people feel special, cared for and supported, and shows genuine concern for another’s needs.

They frequently come from within, rather than from a need to gain the approval or attention of others.

Self-centred kindnesses are intrusive, and demand that we give of ourselves in order to be understood and met. Examples of self-centred kindnesses include: ego-driven kindnesses (expects too much from others), expecting others to treat us well, expecting others to be sympathetic to our views, selfishness, superiority claims, superiority complex and exaggerated sense of gratitude.

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Features of Kindness

These are the key features of kindness that separate it from other types of kindnesses, and the basis on which all types of kindnesses are grounded.

By identifying and exploring these three types of kindness, we can learn to master the ability to kindness not just for ourselves but also for others. Let’s start with the first one – physical kindness – and see how the physical world interacts with those who practice it.

Physical Kindness

Physical kindness is about showing kindness to others even when it’s not appropriate. It’s about matching kindness with the people who show it to us.

This type of kindness can be practiced toward family members and friends, strangers, animals and others. In fact, physical kindness is an important quality of compassion, which can lead to other compassionate qualities such as self-awareness, mindfulness and generosity.

Physical kindness can involve physically touching a person or holding them tight, walking purposefully with them, hugging them, tucking them in against you, or saying sweet nothings as you walk. It involves a willingness to extend beyond what is required to show empathy and support for others’ needs.

Physical kindness can’t be exercised without expressing a willingness to put yourself in the shoes of the other person and to hear their words and understand what they are saying. Physical kindness can lead to greater understanding because the giver feels the need to reciprocate.

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Compassion is the ability to show kindness and support to others in difficult moments or at times when we ourselves are having difficult moments.

While kindness is most commonly associated with outward displays of caring, it also has an internal element. Compassion can be expressed with our words as well as with our actions.

We can reach deep within ourselves to experience the feelings of others and draw strength from their experiences. We can connect to others in a way that makes them feel safe and supported.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness and mindfulness are another important quality of kindness. The way we think, feel and behave in different situations is reflected in our inner world, including our relationships and interactions with others.

If we are not mindful of our thoughts and actions, it reflects in our outward circumstances. Being present with ourselves and other people can help us gain insight and enhance our creativity, emotional intelligence and overall well being. These and other kindnesses will assist us in leading meaningful and productive lives.


So, I hope you understand the concept of kindness and how you have to express that feeling and it is the most crucial thing that will going to indicate your behaviour.

While communicating with strangers or the relative you should maintain the decorum of chatting and show kindness by giving them respect they deserve.

I am done with my short essay on kindness which is easy to understand and byheart and if you really liked my content then do share this article on your social media handles.

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