Essay on Importance of Education for Students of Class 1 to 10

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Every student have an equal right to pursue an education irrespective of poor or rich. Every student should have an adequate education so that they can pursue their life flawlessly.

Importance of Education Essay

Essay on Importance of Education for Students

Importance of Education – Is Education a luxury or a necessity? It’s a question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. In order to survive in today’s competitive world, humans require education as an avenue leading the way to success. Without education, we could not compete meaning we would eventually disappear from the earth.

But Why is Importance of Education so Necessary?

Is it important for me to have a good education? How will I be able to contribute to my society? Why am I being denied a good education? These are only some of the questions you can ask yourself while asking yourself these questions.

Human beings need education not because they are unable to read or write but because without an educated person; society cannot progress.

Without an educated person, there can be no progress made. Societies without educated persons can’t survive. Hence, the importance of education and the process of educating a person.

Societies without good values and education are bound to fail. Education is therefore an important factor that helps in the survival of a society.

A society without any education is bound to fail to survive as people are inherently dishonest and cannot be trusted.

In other words, education makes us different from others. It makes us responsible. It also makes us see ourselves as equal to others. This is very important as a society cannot accept us as we are.

Short Essay on Importance of Education in our Life

Another vital aspect of education is the development of a child’s self-confidence. A child who is brought up thinking himself to be good or better than others will carry this attitude throughout his life.

This will have a huge impact on his life at the later stages. Self-confidence is one of the important factors that make us successful. Without it; we are not able to achieve success.

Another important aspect of education is emotional development. As children are brought up in a home where their parents convey messages to them about the right or wrong way of acting, the child begins to understand the language of behavior.

Emotion is one of the key factors that make us successful. The way in which we handle situations, the way in which we deal with other individuals, the way in which we express ourselves and the way in which we manage stress all have an impact on our emotions.

The above points clearly explain the importance of education in a society. A society that has developed healthy behaviors and strong ethics will survive.

A society that has poor morals is destined to fail. Hence, the importance of education in shaping a better tomorrow. So I hope by now you are convinced about the importance of education and its impact on your life.

Now let’s discuss some important aspects that affect the development of an educated person in this modern era. The most important factor in shaping the personality of a person is their religion or community.

In the previous centuries, people were more open to ideas and new ideas were welcomed. However this trend has lost ground with the passage of time due to the increasing westernization.

This importance of education has made it even more important to increase the awareness of the people in the society.

A person needs to be educated if they want to use modern tools or machines. Also, a person is eligible for a job in a firm if he/she is well educated. Hence the economic development in this modern era depends upon the progress made in the social sector also.

People are happy when they find themselves in a good position in society. For a successful career, one should be intelligent, well read, literate and aware of the latest developments in the world of technology.

Education not only improves your knowledge but also helps you get a good career. It not only provides you with knowledge but also increases your confidence level.

Education plays a vital role in shaping your personality and thus becoming successful in life. It not only provides knowledge but also improves your self-respect and leaves a good impact on the society, if you are educated.

There are many reasons why education is so important in this modern era. The above discussed reasons clearly explain the importance of education in a society and hence the importance of the educational system.

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