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Essay on Equality

short essay on equality

What is equality? How does equality benefit society? Why is equality important? How do you know if you have equality in your company or society? Why is equality beneficial to a society?

When we talk about equality we generally think of it in terms of social equality. Equality rules do not always refer to equality in terms of economic resources. Oftentimes people refer to equality in terms of cultural, social, educational or personal resources.

What is Equality?

The concept of equality also refers to natural equality. This refers to the fact that all people are created equal in abilities and potential.

Achieving true equality involves both equality of opportunity and equality of results. People should have equal opportunities to learn, seek education, and participate in various activities. True equality of results includes both financial and non-financial resources.

Absolute equality does not exist. Some natural conditions are considered to be absolute but are exceptions to equality.

Achieving absolute equality would involve eliminating all differences and perspectives. Absolute equality does not refer to equality of opportunity or outcomes.

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What is Positive Discrimination?

Positive discrimination refers to actions that discriminate on the basis of characteristics such as race, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc.

It is not a form of equality because those who participate in the discrimination benefit from it and those who do not participate are affected negatively. People should be able to engage in meaningful and lawful consultations without the fear of being subjected to discrimination.

Essay on Gender Equality in India

The concept of equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes is different in India than it is in the United States. In India, there are many cases of racial discrimination in the workplace, at educational institutes, in the health care sector, and in the society in general.

Even at times, the legal system is rife with instances of racial injustice and impunity. Even in the realm of social welfare, certain groups of citizens are privileged over other groups.

Such privilege may stem out of the caste system, the Hindu religion, or the ethnicities. Despite repeated calls for reforms in the Indian constitution, the government has failed to uplift the poor fortunes of the common man.

An analysis of the history of the British colonization in India will reveal that the British policy of tolerating discrimination against the Indian population, and not offering equal opportunities to them, are responsible for the poor condition of the Indian economy today.

The British policy of benign neglect, or, even worse, outright racism, has produced some of the worst policies and practices of Apartheid South Africa.

Similar circumstances have been experienced in India by the British, and there are many instances where the rights of the Indian citizens are being denied on the basis of their caste and community.

This state of equality and injustice is a legacy left by the British for their former colonies. It can be said that the creation of separate states in British North America to protect the weaker sections of the Indians from the stronger ones was nothing short of fraudulent.

The creation of separate states is nothing but balkanization of India, separation from the country we were and the privileges that could have been our right.

The British failed to recognize the diversity of the Indian people and promoted discrimination in the name of “diversity” and” equality of opportunity”. Today, we know that they were wrong. We now know that the true meaning of equality and equal opportunities is a fraternity, not privilege.

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Essay on Right to Equality

Every group of people has the right to equality before the law, irrespective of race, religion, caste and gender. In order to enjoy equality before the law and enjoy true equality, every group must be granted equal rights.

No individual or group is endowed with rights that cannot be taken away by the law. The concept of absolute equality is a fiction, a myth. The concept of “equality of opportunity” is a false concept and is responsible for much social evil.

Now, it is time to understand that true equality means equal opportunities without any difference in the outcome. If you ask any Hindu, you will get an answer different from that of a Christian or a Muslim.

Hindus believe in absolute equality. They believe that there is no way that one group can excel above the other without any unfair advantages or disadvantages. Christians and Muslims do not believe in absolute equality.

The concept of social equality was preached by the greatest spiritual leaders of India, including the Buddha, and it is also taught in the scripture of India.

According to the Bible, those who are regenerate are equal to others. On the other hand, the concept of caste is based on actual practice of Hindu society.

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